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/ Deja O'Neal

Deja O'Neal

May 22, 2020 |
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JIT Foundation Staff

Graduation Stats:

  • Age: 18 Years Old
  • Date of Birth: Nov. 01, 2001
  • School: Robert M Shoemaker High School
  • Grade: 12
  • G.P.A.: 2.8
  • SAT SCORE: 890/22


List contests and/or activities in which you have participated:

  • Blue Ridge showstoppers dance team
  • Lamar Fillies Dance Team
  • Shoemaker Shining Stars dance team
  • Shoemaker Silver Stars dance team

In what other organizations have you participated during high school and to what extent did you participate?

  • Student 2 Student Program, 2 year member
  • AVID, 2 years

Do you volunteer for any community and/or religious groups or projects outside of school? Explain.

Yes, I've volunteer at the Greater Hope Missionary Baptist Church Back-To-School Fundraiser in the summer of 2019.


What have you gained, personally, from participating in your department’s program?

What i have most gained while being apart of the Student2Student (S2S) program is being able to communicate with new people and being able to speak up and help new students around the school feel more welcomed.

Why do you feel you should be awards this scholarship?

I would love to be able to provide for my family financially and I would love to make them proud knowing I will be the only one in our family to be able to go to college and receive a degree.

List three to five adjectives that you feel best describe you and explain why you have chosen them.

The first adjective I would use to describe myself is assertive. I chose this adjective because I’m very confident in myself however, I haven’t always showed myself self love. I went through many obstacles to get to where I am, some were; getting bullied for my weight, being belittled by my peers, and the cause of that making me disapprove of my appearance. I also did a lot of soul searching within the years to discover something to make me love myself and I found that in dancing. After I would perform people would always come up to me and tell me that they loved my confidence and were proud of the person I’ve became. This uplifted me in ways I never knew it could and now I can honestly say I love who I am and the woman I aspired to be.

The second adjective I would use to describe myself is considerate. I chose this adjective because I have a tendency to put other’s feelings before my own which isn’t always a bad thing. I love being able to be there for other people and letting them know that I’m there when they need to rant, vent, or even to be their shoulder to cry on. I love when I’m able to to make someone’s bad day better.

The last adjective I would use to describe myself is motivated. I chose this adjective because I am always on top of my work and I love asking questions about my assignments to get a better understanding on them so that I can get them finished and turned in. Whatever I want to accomplish I push myself to strive for my goals and I put in nothing but a hundred percent. 

Posted: May 22, 2020
Posted by: JIT Foundation Staff
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