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Tianna Kelly

Apr 4, 2014 |
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JIT Foundation Staff

When asked to describe me, most of those close to me would immediately think of the word responsible; this personality trait is among my most defining characteristics. I exhibit responsibility in regard to my peers and others around me, ensuring that I always keep any promises that I make and come through for those who need my services.

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Personal Essay

Contributing to my responsible nature is my ability to wisely manage my time and balance numerous tasks including two part-time jobs, extracurricular activities, advanced placement school classes, and family obligations; in this regard, engaging in my high school's co-op program has encouraged me to develop a sense of responsibility. Lastly, my ability to prioritize allows me to behave responsibly: for example, when facing the options of studying for a test and attending a concert, though I may wish to partake in the fun activity, I would almost always choose instead to do the responsible thing.

In addition to being responsible, I am very ambitious. Because I grew up having to go without, I have decided to dedicate myself to ensuring that neither I nor my family members are forced to live in such a manner ever again. To achieve this goal, I realize that I must stay focused on academic success, which will eventually turn into professional and financial achievement. At this point in my life, my self-evaluation centers almost completely on my timely completion of tasks I have set for myself which will help me to meet my personal goals. Though there a number of others, the last adjective with which I will describe myself is passionate. I believe that everything I do is important, and should be treated as such; all tasks must be given the most attention and concentration. In this manner, all results will be of the highest quality. In addition to any of my working tasks, I carry this sense of passion to my relationships with others, as I find that submersing yourself completely in a given situation yields the greatest results. In this manner and with these qualities, I feel assured that I will use the college education provided to me by in part by the Willbern Heritage Scholarship Foundation to succeed in both the academic and professional fields.

Posted: Apr 4, 2014
Posted by: JIT Foundation Staff
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